VetCryl Mono / Polyglecaprone Veterinary Suture

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It is a synthetic, absorbable, sterile, monofilament suture made from the polymer Glycolide and E-Caprolactone (PGCL). Its degradation is by hydrolysis, being absorbed by the human body between 90 and 120 days.

Complies with the requirements established by USP. Its tensile strength is reduced from the fourth week of implantation.

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USP Size 5/0 to 1
Color Violet, colorless
Needle Shape 1/2 Circle, 3/8 Circle
Needle Lenght 6.4 mm to 45 mm

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- Absorbable suture (polyglecaprone).
- Monofilament thread.
- Glycolic fact copolymer and epsilon caprolactone.
- The absorption of this suture is complete within 120 days being absorbed by hydrolysis.


- Packaging ensures product sterility.

- Peel open.
- Siliconized needles allowing a minimum tissue trauma.
- High tensile strength.
- Uniform strand preventing tissue drag.
- Softness, flexibility and elasticity that facilitates the use and concretion knots.


- Polyglecapronethread is available in violet color and colorless.
- Thread size: from 5/0 to 1 USP.
- SterilizedbyEthylene Oxide.
- Boxes with 12 or 36 units.


- Suture soft tissue.
- Ligature.
- Peritoneum.
- Uterus.
- Vagina.
- Skin.


Veterinary Surgical Suture

Veterinary Surgical Suture Brochure

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